Water safety skills your BabyStar learns without you realising

This week is the RNLI's drowning prevention week. To help spread awareness we have put together this list of safety skills your BabyStar learns in the water without you even realising.



1) Splashing into the water from pool side

This mimics little one falling into the water but in a safe and controlled environment.  


2) Holding onto the side of the pool

This solid surface gives stability for BabyStars in water and is easier to grasp on to. If they ever needed support in the water this helps teaches BabyStars to grab onto the side.

3) Holding on to the large floats

In comparison to the above, this wobbly surface would mimic any floating object they can grab on to if ever needed


4) Travelling along the wall to a point of safety

Moving one hand then the other along the wall to move safely around the pool 


5) Back floating

We encourage BabyStars to keep very still in the water. This helps swimmers stay calm and breathing normally in the water 


6) Climbing out

We encourage BabyStars to use their elbows, tummy, knees to make sure they are low to the ground to avoid tripping/falling on a slippery poolside.




For more info head to the RNLI's website: www.rlss.org.uk/pages/category/drowning-prevention-week-campaign