Who has won our Silver Podium Programme prize?

We wanted a way to reward our swimmers at Becky Adlington's SwimStars, and what better way to do it than our new Podium Programme full of fantastic prizes to be won.

The Silver prize on offer this time is a complete swimmer pack.

Firstly, we’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone that entered the competition, it's great to hear all the wonderful reasons our members love Becky Adlington’s SwimStars!

Have a look at all our well-deserved winners below and find out what their reasons are:


Eevie Powell

"I love swim stars as I love the sheer joy these lessons bring to my little girl and the pleasure is written all over her face every week. Her confidence has not only grown in the pool due to her wonderful teacher Jodie but this new found confidence she now carries and uses in other social situations. It's wonderful to watch them all together and to see how they encourage each other and this is also teaching her another important life skill and that's team work and support."


Alfie Thwaites

“I love SwimStars as it has given my little boy the water confidence he needed, not only that it has helped him to realise he can achieve things out of his comfort zone. The progress he has made since joining SwimStars amazes me, and my little boy is so excited every week to go swimming, he asks me every morning if its swimming today. I just love how confident he has become and his new found love for being in the water. Thankyou SwimStars”


Stanley Dowridge

"My son Stanley Dowridge is 6 years old, up until he joined SwimStars he was absolutely petrified of water, to the point of not even going in the bath!. He would never have water on his face or hair, as you can imagine it was very difficult to get him washed! Lol. We had tried him with two previous swimming schools both were a disaster, he just sat on the side of the pool, screamed and cried, so we gave up. Then we found SwimStars, it was amazing to see how your instructors dealt with a scared and upset child. But this literally lasted 10 minutes of his first class! The most important thing to Stanley was to feel safe and Gabbi his instructor made him feel 100% safe and he trusted her, and then in time started to trust the water. Stanley has now moved up a group and can confidently swim a width unaided. It brings happy tears to my eyes watching him each week, and i am eternally grateful to SwimStars for turning my boy from a shy scared non-swimmer into a confident happy swimmer."


Owen Morris

I just want to say how much my son and I really love Swim Stars. It is fun, the lessons are well structured and the teachers do a great job. After the very first couple of lessons I could really see an improvement in Owen's swimming and he has now moved up to Improver class with Rachael who is amazing! I recommended Swim Stars to the mums in school and since then a few of Owen's friends have joined and everyone says what a great programme this is. I am looking forward to continuing with Swim Stars and seeing Owen improve even more in the future. Thank you so much!!


Ignatius Livingston

"Ignatius loves him swimming lessons. He thinks they are fun and he loves his teacher. He always feels really good about himself when he has finished his lesson due to the encouragement he receives in a constructive and enthusiastic way. This has improved his confidence in the water 100 fold."


Robbie Winward

"I love Swim Stars because my son Robbie is autistic and before he joined Swim Stars he was afraid of water. I had tried several swimming groups without success, he never dared to lift his feet of the ground. I thought he would never learn to swim. I enrolled Robbie on to a 1 to 1 course with Swim Stars and I have never looked back. In the past few weeks Robbie has swam without the need for floats. I am so proud of his achievement and the dedication of the swimming instructors at Swim Stars, without their support he would still be unable to swim. Robbie will be continuing his lessons and I am sure as he develops new techniques his confidence will continue to grow as well as his fitness levels."


Lois Chaney

“Fantastic classes always on time. Never cancel always have an instructor to take the class. Minimal children to a group better for each child. Keep up your good work.”


Tommy Reynolds

We love SwimStars and we love Stuart!! Great venue, lessons always start on time and are always very productive in that 30 minutes. A great introduction to feeling confident in the water and swimming independently in no time at all. We love SwimStars!


Massah & Sarah Sakka

The kids really enjoy swimming, They wish they could swim everyday!!


Enjoy your gifts swimmers and keep up the good work!

For everyone that didn’t win this time around, keep an eye open for the next Podium Programme prizes on offer.