Who has won a swimming lesson with Becky?

To reward our SwimStars, we have created our new Podium Programme to give away some fantastic prizes. The Gold prize on offer this time was a swimming lesson with Becky!

Firstly, Becky wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone that entered the competition, it's great to hear all the wonderful reasons our members love being SwimStars!


Have a look at some of our well-deserved winners below and find out what their reasons are:


Theo & Sebastian Ellis

“My son was petrified of water we never thought he would ever learn to swim never mind enjoy it too! We had tried lots of different lessons even the one where I had to get in with him!  Since discovering Swimstars and the fantastic Sarah we now have a little boy who loves to swim and play in the water, he can do handstands front and back stroke and is currently mastering his tumble turns. You can't put a price on that. Thank you SwimStars.”


Isabelle Schenck

Vihaan Tharaken

“I love SwimStars because my son loves it! The classes are small enough for the coach to know each child's needs and strengths! It feels quite personalised. As a parent, I also like that we've always been able to find a class that fits into our schedule for an amount that does not break the bank! The fact that Becky herself has visited twice in the last year has made it feel extra special for Vihaan! How many 5 year olds can boast of holding two Olympic medals!? He has very proudly had a story to tell at school assembly. It would make his year to win a class with her!”


Rosie and Lily Nicholson aka Pinky Pie and Daisy



Amy Choularton


William & Oliver Talbot

“We would love to win a lesson with Rebecca Adlington as it would be an amazing reward. Both my boys have been doing SwimStars for over a year and half. They both came as very nervous swimmers, Oliver had never been in the water on his own and didn't want to! William had previously had a bad experience elsewhere and was extremely nervous. They both joined foundation classes as well as having one to ones with Louise. She was absolutely brilliant with them both. Oliver is in a Foundation class with Zoe, he's 5 and is now swimming with only a woggle, he has no fear of the water and loves his lessons. Williams lessons haven't been as straight forward. After Louise's support he finally moved up to Early Swimmers but with a new teacher was very up and down. He struggles with anxieties and one lesson was a particularly upsetting experience in which we had to pull him out altogether. Again Louise was great in supporting us and eventually after a break we found a suitable day / time in one of her Early Swimmers classes. William is again enjoying his lessons and progressing well. I am so proud of him for persevering with his swimming as it isn't something that comes naturally to him. SwimStars have supported me and both my boys through their lessons and found solutions when we have needed them. I think the teaching is brilliant and the small classes a really important aspect of this. I want my boys to learn to swim but I want them to enjoy it while they do. It doesn't matter how long it takes them to get there as long as they enjoy being in the water. SwimStars is fantastic and we will be continuing for the long term.”


Jack Makin


Alfie Marran-Jones

“Alfie loves swimming now that he has joined SwimStars, he was previously with another club that had large numbers in each group plus varying abilities, which was no good for Alfie who was not confident in the water. He is now loving the group he is in, he has come on so much in both confidence and ability thanks to the great staff at Total Fitness Whitefield SwimStars.”


Lara & Alice Holmes



Ava & Annabelle Learmont

“My daughter Ava had an accident near water where she nearly drowned. We've tried other swimming lessons elsewhere where the instructors haven't got into the water with the children. In Ava's mind if the teacher won't get it, how can it be safe. Fast forward to SwimStars and Ava absolutely loves her lessons. She's confident and will jump in the water unaided and swim. Swim stars has made a positive impact on Ava's life. We went on holiday as a family and it's the first time Ava has gone back in a swimming pool since she had an accident. I'm confident in the knowledge that if she ever fell in similar water to her accident again that she would be able to keep afloat and swim. SwimStars has given us the opportunity to enjoy things as a family and for Ava to be included. Ava and her sister both attend swim stars and I would recommend it to anyone. It's taken years for Ava to go back into water and enjoy it and I have the patience and teachers of SwimStars to thank for that.”


Lola Simpson-Spence

“My daughter has been swimming with SwimStars since she was 3 years old. The teaching technique has given her the confidence to become a competent, strong, confident swimmer who loves the water. I don't think this would have been achieved without the support of the teaching staff. She loves swimming so THANK YOU.”


Ethan Cooke

“My son has been attending for just over a year and gone from not being able to swim to being able to swim confidently. This is under the guidance of Rachel at Total Fitness Wrexham and I can't thank her highly enough. Fantastic organisation.”


Nathan Foster-Shaw

“We love SwimStars, we're so pleased with Nathan's swim teachers Lisa & Kelsey, their ability to engage with him, recognise which teaching methods he responds best to and using them. Both teachers are very inclusive in the way they teach despite the differing needs of the children in his group and create a learning environment which is fun yet productive. We also love the way the awards work giving the children recognition for qualities such as friendship and determination is a great fit across their lives in general - not only swimming. Finally as parents, we appreciate the way the children are taught about observing safety, not running, being careful around open water etc. Lots to love about SwimStars – thanks for the fab journey so far guys.”


Luke & Daniel Tonge

“The whole family loves SwimStars. My children have been going to lessons here for a long time. They and we enjoy the friendly relaxed atmosphere. The small class sizes make it easier for the children to progress so they are not waiting a long time for their turn. All the instructors are brilliant and the children have really progressed. Each lesson is tailored to the children's needs to progress them further. The facilities are great as well.”


Grace Dunne

“My daughter has been with SwimStars from the very beginning on duckling 1, Grace has now progressed through to stage 6, Grace is a very competent swimmer now and highly capable. This is all to do with the SwimStars teachers, Lorna Grace’s current teacher is wonderful and very calm and patient with Grace, she also knows Grace needs a little push at times too! A few of the reasons I love SwimStars is: Affordability, Website with easy access to re-booking, Progress reports using the gold, silver & bronze which is really easy to follow, Limited Class Number to 6, Same teacher each and every week, Flexibility to catch up on a lesson if you are unable to attend, Lessons never cancelled, Always notified if there’s an issue with the pool for examples a technical issue and notifying you or a different pool etc, Notifying you of a different teacher if Lorna is on holiday, Awards issued, Friendly teachers, Lorna always tells me how well Grace is doing and praises Grace for her swimming ability – which just encourages Grace to come on more and more each lesson, Friendly staff when telephoning to swap to next lesson – always helpful and accommodating. Basically in a nutshell – I love SwimStars! My daughter is a fantastic swimmer and its down to you!”


Theo Clarkson

“I have always considered learning to swim not as a hobby but as a non-negotiable and a vital life skill. When my son started at SwimStars he hated putting his face in the water and getting water in his eyes and we used to have tears before lessons and a couple of times just sat and watched. Your swim teachers were amazing with him showing patience, understanding and encouragement to boost his confidence. There was no rushing him to get to the next level and constant praise of the little milestones he reached which were massive to him. The small groups are fantastic and the children are not sitting on the side getting cold. I have loved watching him progress every single lesson. I no longer have tantrums before swimming but a son  who is eager to get to his lesson. Thank you!”


Enjoy the lesson swimmers and keep up the good work!

For everyone that didn’t win this time around, keep an eye open for the next Podium Programme prizes on offer.