Which Bronze customers have won the Podium Programme prize?

As you know, our new Podium Programme has been created to reward members of the SwimStars family.

The Bronze prizes on offer this time are some swimming games to play at the pool.


Firstly, we’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone that entered the competition, it's great to hear all the wonderful reasons our members love Becky Adlington’s SwimStars!

Have a look at some of our well-deserved winners below and find out what their reasons are:


Charlotte Bagley

“Charlotte joined SwimStars late sept 16 at the age of 7 never having lessons before. She has progressed in that short space of time to grade 4 thanks to her lovely teacher Clare who she is learning heaps from. Love the set up and venue which is very clean ! Also greatly accessible for her younger sisters who can watch her and hopefully follow in her footsteps.”


Owen Hunt

“I fully recommend SwimStars to all of my family, friends, work colleagues, parents at the school gates and on social media because from my experience the entire experience for both parents/carers and child is outstanding. From the moment I made the initial telephone enquiry with usual parental queries, I know SwimStars were the Swimming lesson to enroll on. Administration is exceptional, response time is very quick and staff are all knowledgeable & helpful. The secure online booking system is easy to follow, navigate and operate. The progress reports from the swimming instructor is fabulous, we get to see how our child is doing from the swimming teachers professional point of view. Having representatives pool side on occasional weeks to answer concerns and queries is a big welcome. Meeting Becky Adlington a couple of weeks back was a huge bonus for my son, he was absolutely thrilled. Now for the actually swimming lessons. My sons swimming instructor, like the others I see taking classes at the same time is absolutely fab-tastic. He has Barnaby who has the patience of a saint with the 6 children in my sons group.  Barney gets to know each childs’ strengths and weaknesses which he uses to help them every step along their swimming lessons. It’s quite unique & very welcomed how the instructors are in the pool with the children in the first two groups, this has given my son much water confidence which he was certainly lacking prior to his lessons. Having a maximum of 6 children in each class is brilliant, it gives the children a much better opportunity to learn to swim and develop their skills. As a family we are absolutely thrilled with the entire experience we have already encounter with SwimStars. Thank you.”


Finnlay Winterbottom

“There are lots of reasons why we love SwimStars. The first is because of the friendly and approachable staff, always a smile on their face no matter how difficult their pupils are being. Teachers are always focused on swims style and encouraging children to give it extra every week. The venue offers a lovely clean environment and feels very welcome every week. My children LOVE SwimStars lessons and ask constantly during the week when their next lesson is and count down the days every week. I have recommended SwimStars to a few mummy friends who have all booked their children into lessons.”


Mason Killen

“I am a mum to three older children whom I have paid for swimming lessons in various places Oval , Byrne Avenue Wirral .. I am now a grandmother and my son decided that his 5 year old son Mason needed a hobby .. first tried boxing which he loathed then football at a gym near his home each time my son was having to drag him there which deficits the object of an enjoyable hobby .. I then suggested swimming so already a member of TF I agreed to take him every Monday. Steven is the instructor and my grandson absolutely loves it .. every  Sunday he phones me saying don't forget tomorrow nan. He's gone from someone who has never gone the baths at all to loving every minute .. this week I was so happy and had a lump in my throat when he swam his first width with no float how amazing is that so soon .. I feel I have real value for money and an excellent tutor who knows all the children by name and keeps control of the lesson so well .. as a veteran of swimming lessons with my older children this has been the most fun , value for money and effective. Thank you!”


Samuel Millard

“My 4 yr old boy Sam just loves SwimStars, he's got a more than a swim coach, he's got a friend in Lauren who he's so eager to please and excited to see each week. She's worked on his weakness and pushed his strengths in the water which is naturally building his confidence whilst having fun, Perfect!! Big thanks to her as it's great to see.”


Isla-Mae Swatton

“My daughter absolutely loves swimming lessons the training instructors are very friendly and welcoming and have a lot patience with my daughter. My daughter has come on so well with her swimming an looks forward to a Wednesday at swimming lessons. We continue to keep these lessons up with SwimStars and have recommended swim stars to friends and family, thank you.”


Harry Wolstenholme

“Harry loves SwimStars because he's having the best fun ever and feels happy!! He tells me he looks forward to it, and it's better than ever other lessons he's had before because he loves the teachers. Mum loves it because I can see how Harry is learning whilst having fun. He's encouraged and supported to be the best that Harry can be in every lesson. His confidence is growing and for the first time he is encouraged to focus on himself, and not what his peers are doing. This is fantastic! A great learning approach. I have recommended SwimStars to all my family and friends, and will continue to do so. Happy days!”


Kezrah Mawdsley

“We love SwimStars because my boyfriend's little girl (Kezrah) is super excited for her lessons.  Every weekend she is on count down with how many days of school there are until her next swimming lesson.  She really enjoys the lessons and always has a massive smile on her face throughout.  Once the lesson is over, she tells me what she's learned e.g. "You have to have scoop hands because if you have open fingers you'll lose your ice cream". We've booked a summer holiday and told her she has to be able to swim or she can't go! Mean I know, but it's really spurring her on. She did have 3 lessons elsewhere before we booked on with swim stars and she never smiled once and was not that excited to go.  She's really loves her lessons now and Andrea is a fantastic teacher. All credit to her.”


Enjoy your gifts swimmers and keep up the good work!

For everyone that didn’t win this time around, keep an eye open for the next Podium Programme prizes on offer.