Time to knuckle down

After a relaxed introduction back to school for most, now is the time teachers start to pile on the homework – and let’s face it, we all eventually get roped into it one way or another!

But, as we struggle to remember long division and fight the urge to complete the paper mache volcano ourselves to save time, the kids are left fighting an urge of their own – to get distracted by absolutely everything that isn’t work. So, let’s change that.

Exercise offers heaps of physical benefits for youngsters, such as bone and muscle strength, lowering blood pressure, and controlling weight, but what about the impact on their mental health?
Studies show that as well as improving self-esteem, exercise can help our children concentrate in and out of school.

To support this claim, an article in The Telegraph found that after just a few months of after school exercise, children showed “improved Cognitive Flexibility, which involved switching between intellectual tasks while maintaining speed and accuracy”.

Time for a disclaimer: We can't promise a bit of extra exercise will mean an end to homework tantrums altogether, but surely it’s worth a try to keep your children happier and healthier!  

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