Summer's Radio Debut

It seemed such a simple idea - as Becky was in the studios recording an advertisement as part of International Learn to Swim Week, we thought 'why not bring Summer along to make her radio debut?'

With just 5 words to speak, the ever chatty Summer would deliver the pay off line “See you at the Pool" in her charming little voice - what could possibly go wrong?
But that’s where the radio producers remembered the age old advice first attributed to American entertainer W.C. Fields, to “Never work with children or animals!”

As Mum and daughter sat in the recording booth, Becky tried to coax an award winning performance from Summer. But the youngster, who turns three next month, soon got bored with the idea of having to repeat the same old words, and found playing with the microphone and the controls much more fun.

We got there in the end, but it might be a while before Summer is ready for her own series!

To hear the advert - and Summer’s contribution - click here