It's Back to School for our SwimStars

This term is such a mixed bag for our SwimStars parents. Speaking on poolside, there seems to be a 50/50 split of those excited to get back into some sort of routine and those nervously sending their little ones off for their first taste of school life.

And it’s not just our SwimStars parents that may be feeling a tad emotional. Posting a photo of daughter Summer in her uniform ready for her first day at school, Becky wrote:
“I’ve blinked and 4 years have passed. She is going to love it. She walked into the playground this morning and instantly started playing. Straight into the classroom, sat down and started colouring! No problem. So proud of her. She has been so excited like it’s Christmas morning and I just hope pick up is now as smooth.”

So, we did some research and whittled down a few quick tips we found most useful when our little ones were settling into school. See what you think…

Help your child to develop the skills they need to be independent, such as getting used to playing with other children, dressing themselves and looking after their possessions.

Get storybooks from the library about starting school and read them with your child.

Share happy, funny memories of your time at school so they don’t just see it as brand new and scary.

Plan a treat for the end of their first week or month at school; No need to break the bank. It’s likely they will be tired so a simple trip to the local park or their favourite dinner would be more than enough!

Remind your child it’s ok to ask questions when they don’t know things and to always ask to go to the toilet at school.

Encourage your child to be thoughtful about other children’s feelings and remember to take turns and share.

If you sense your child will feel clingy and not want to leave you in fear they will miss out, let them know what you have planned for the day – the duller the better!

Tell the school about your child, e.g. any special needs, medical problems, even particular likes or dislikes.

Make a point of finding out more about the school – look around your child’s classroom so that you know what they are doing and can talk to them about it.