International Learn to Swim Week

For International Learn to Swim Week this year, the theme was #LoveWaterSafely

This is a message that truly resonated with us at SwimStars and one that we were proud to support. With over 9,500 swimmers ages 3-11 taking part in our lessons each week across the UK, our programme is designed to teach children how to swim with an emphasis on safety and FUN!

Discussing the theme, Becky said, “Love Water Safely really does sum up what we do here at SwimStars. It’s not about finding the next World Champion or Olympic swimmer, it’s about giving children an important life skill whilst also inspiring a love of swimming.

“Our goal was to create something completely different to every other swim school, and that’s exactly we’ve done. I’m so proud of the work the SwimStars team put in each week to ensure children are learning to swim the right way.”

As well as encouraging a love of the sport, the SwimStars programme also recognises the importance for children to feel rewarded throughout their swimming journey. Not only do our swimmers work alongside the National Swim England Stage Awards, they are also rewarded for showcasing our Becky Values. These are 8 values that we feel are key for children to understand and apply in lessons, such as friendship, respect and determination.  

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