Becky in food heaven

Becky joined the Saturday Kitchen team for the first time last weekend on BBC One. Hosting the show was Saturday Kitchen regular, Angela Hartnett MBE, along with professional chefs Stephen Terry and Michelin star winner, Tom Aikens.


Talking about the impressive line-up before the show, Becky said “I’m really looking forward to being on Saturday Kitchen and eating food someone else has cooked, especially as I’ll be joined by such talented chefs.”

Although Becky didn't get her hands dirty in the kitchen, she was faced with her food heaven or food hell on the show. Luckily, it was all smiles and no venison as Becky was allowed her sticky toffee heaven. 

Viewers would have also been interested to hear about Becky's stories of pasta on poolside before competing, breaking the famous 'no food before swimming' rule. Becky said that although it's not the best idea with certain food, it's really just a myth - we should have been listening to Olympic swimmers instead of our mums all these years!


Don't worry if you missed the show on Saturday, you can catch up on BBC iPlayer at

Becky's face said it all - it really did look heavenly!