Becky talks motherhood, fame and SwimStars

Double Olympic Champion and Director of SwimStars, Becky Adlington spoke to the Sunday Post about life as a swimmer, a celebrity, a role model and most importantly, a mum.

In the article, Becky said, “I never class myself as a celebrity, I don’t live a celebrity lifestyle. I’m just famous for something.

“Understanding what you want from fame is important. I don’t want to be going to all the parties. I want it to be able to encourage people to get involved in sport and understand how many kids grow up in this country unable to swim.”

With an ambition to put her fame to good use, the conversation then turned to SwimStars. Speaking proudly, Becky said, “It’s nationwide and it’s a fantastic thing to be involved with. We’re getting to the point where we’re hitting 10,000 a week learning how to swim.

“There are still a million children leaving primary school every year unable to swim, but you’ve got to start somewhere and I love seeing the confidence in those kids. Loving being in the water is what it’s all about.”

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