Becky says “Masterchef more stressful than the Olympics!”

Becky Adlington makes her debut as a TV chef as she takes part in Celebrity MasterChef on BBC One. Back at the SwimStars office, our four-time Olympic medal winner admitted “It was great fun, but I’m not going to lie –it was quite stressful!”

Although she can’t give too much away as the series still has several weeks to go, Becky told us, “I didn’t really know what level everyone would be at going in. I’m such a home cook. As an athlete, we had to eat quickly and healthily. I had never used butter or cream in things which they all use on MasterChef because obviously that’s what makes everything taste so nice. It was a whole new learning experience for me.

“You think they are going to ease you in, but they throw you in at the deep end - no pun intended. They want to push you and challenge you, broaden your horizons.

“I learnt a lot, and feel very lucky to have met some great people. I hadn't met presenters John and Gregg before or the other contestants and we’ve formed some nice friendships, but I’m definitely not in a rush to get back in a kitchen any time soon. Hats off to those guys, credit to them. I don’t know how they do it! It was honestly more stressful than swimming at times, that’s for certain. I kept thinking “Oh to be back in the Olympics” but that’s because I was more confident doing that, and I had no clue what I was doing in the kitchen!”

However, Becky had one big reason to stand the heat and not get out of the kitchen too soon. 5 years ago, her fellow SwimStars Director, Olympic Medallist and great friend, Steve Parry was a contestant on Celebrity MasterChef and Becky was determined to get further in the competition than him…Watch this space!

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