Becky proud to #StandUpToBullying

Becky posted on Instagram to show her support for Stand Up to Bullying in her official Be Kind tee (see left).

This is a subject Becky has spoken about publicly in the past, and one close to her heart. In the post, Becky wrote:   
“I’ve experienced first-hand how bullying makes you feel and we need to help raise awareness. You are never alone. I am choosing to Stand Up to Bullying by always treating people how I want to be treated.”

Not only does Becky carry these values with her in everyday life, but also through her SwimStars programme. By integrating her special Becky Values alongside the standard progress awards, SwimStars encourages and rewards behaviour such as kindness, friendship, respect and courage.

To find out more about the campaign and how you can get involved, click here

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