Becky commends parents for their role as ‘taxi drivers’

Becky has thanked parents on BBC Television for the way in which they act as ‘taxi drivers’, taking their kids to and from swimming lessons.

It was the World Swimming Championships in Budapest last month, where Becky commented for the BBC, and she took time out from talking about the action in the pool to remind viewers how important it is for young people to have the support of their parents in getting them to their swimming lessons.

Becky knows it’s a labour of love for mums and dads to work around their busy schedules and make sure their kids get to the pool, be that a 4 year old starting their journey with SwimStars or the parents of the next Adam Peaty. Whether it’s acting as an unofficial taxi driver, chaperoning on the bus or walking to the venue, Becky says that without the dedication and determination of parents and family members, many young people would not have the opportunity to learn to swim and love to swim.

Speaking about her experience at the World Championships, Becky told us back at the SwimStars office that “…it’s definitely been a boys show this week for the Brits. It was just insane for Adam Peaty to break that 26 second barrier for the 50 metre breastwork - what a role model to have. He’s changing history, but also making it an exciting time to be involved in swimming for everyone.

“The girls need to step up a bit, but the year after the Olympic Games is always a funny one. A third of the team here are rookies and that’s a good sign as it shows what depth we have in the sport at the minute and means they get to have this experience as a stepping stone to Tokyo 2020. All in all, it’s been a good week and it’s always great to have swimming on the BBC to raise the profile of the sport.”

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