Private Lessons for Children

Private Lessons for Children

Our private swimming lessons follow the same learning journey as our group lessons but your child will be given complete, undivided attention for the 30 minutes of the lesson. This will mean that your child will progress far quicker than in a group scenario, because our instructor will be able to work with your child for longer.

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But don’t just take our word for it - See what some of our parents had to say below about their children's private SwimStars lessons...

"My son has Asperger's syndrome and sensory issues. I spoke to the SwimStars teacher and she listened to my tips on how to keep him engaged. She has been exceptional working with him so far. The teacher is a SwimStar Superstar! Getting the right person to work with my child makes such a difference."

"Very pleased, happy to pay the extra for the exceptional improvements made."

"In a matter of a few weeks my child has gone from strength to strength, his technique has improved so much."