World Mental Health Day

For World Mental Health Day this month, we wanted to show our support for anyone out there of any age suffering with a mental illness. At SwimStars, we think it’s important to discuss the impact exercise can have on mental health, and how regular exercise can help maintain a healthy mind.

For children, swimming has been proven time and time again to help their brain and emotional development, as well as improving their concentration and communication skills. There are also direct links with social development for skills such as leadership, teamwork and confidence – all of which are encouraged and rewarded at SwimStars through our Becky Value Awards.

Mental health can often be a difficult topic to talk about, but recent statistics show that awareness is on the rise and more people are coming forward to talk about it. Although our aim at SwimStars is to encourage children to participate in sport and enjoy the benefits of regular exercise, it’s also vital that we don’t forget about our mums and dads too. Did you know for example, that 10% of mothers and 6% of fathers in the UK have mental health problems at any given time?

These aren’t statistics that will disappear overnight, but by getting involved, we can all do our bit to help. From coffee mornings to fun runs to wearing your green ribbon, see how you can show your support here

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