Anti-Bullying Week

For this year’s Anti-Bullying Week, the theme is ‘Change Starts With Us’.

The organisers of the event, Anti-Bullying Alliance, chose this theme after speaking to over 1,000 children, teachers and members of their foundation.

On their website, they state that with this theme, their goal "is to inform schools and settings, children and young people, parents and carers to know that it takes a collective responsibility to stop bullying."

Through our 8 Becky Values, our swimmers are rewarded for showing behaviours such as Respect, Friendship and Kindness. We believe each of these values are key to delivering lessons in a supportive, positive environment where our swimmers feel comfortable and confident to learn.

Our Becky Values also include Leadership, Courage and Determination – all of which work together to create an industry-leading Learn to Swim journey.

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