Direct Debit

At SwimStars, we value our customer feedback to help us improve our programme and make it accessible to all.

In recent months, we noticed a trend in the feedback we were getting regarding payment. Our customers didn't want to pay 10 weeks upfront, and the alternative to pay every 5 weeks on a different date each time wasn't suitable either. We also understood that between taxiing the kids around and organising the week's packed lunches, it wasn't ideal for parents to have to rebook every term to keep their child's place on our programme. 

So, we listened. 

We're excited to announce that we're now offering Direct Debit! This payment method will not only allow customers to choose a day of the month for payment to be taken that suits them, children will now have their place guaranteed until the end of their SwimStars journey. Monthly payments will be as easy as the gas, electric, TV - no longer something else to have to remember!   

How to set up your Direct Debit:

  1. Login or create a new account
  2. Select your preferred venue, and the date/time of your child’s lesson
  3. Click the set up direct debit button
  4. Select the preferred date for your monthly payment to be taken
  5. Make the initial payment via card, and set up your direct debit
  6. You’ll then receive your confirmation emails, and you’re good to go!


So, to summarise, Direct Debit...

  • saves you time and guarantees your child’s place, with no hassle of rebooking
  • allows you to choose a day of the month for payment
  • is easier to budget with smaller, more manageable payments
  • is quick to set up over the phone, or online, within minutes
  • protects your booking under the Direct Debit Guarantee

If you would like any further information regarding Direct Debit, you can get in touch with us directly on 0161 979 0499 or and a member of the team will be happy to help!

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