BabyStars FAQs

Got a question about Becky Adlington's BabyStars? Chances are we have covered it below! Our FAQ section is a rundown of the questions we are asked the most.

When can my baby start swimming?


Our programme encourages babies to start from birth, however if your baby arrived early then it’s always best to check with your doctor first. If they are fit and healthy, they can start at BabyStars once they are past their due date.

Can my baby start before their immunisations?


Yes. Guidelines say you can take your baby swimming at any time. So, why wait, get your little one splashing about as soon as you are ready. See NHS guidelines for further information.

What does my baby need to wear in the water?


A two-layer nappy is required, this is a disposable swim nappy (you can buy a reusable version of swim nappies if you’d prefer) topped with a reusable neoprene swim nappy. Both nappies are widely available in a range of sizes, please ensure they have a snug fit.

What do I need to bring?

  • Disposable swim nappy, you can buy a reusable version of swim nappies if you’d prefer.
  • Reusable neoprene swim nappy 
  • Swimsuit/shorts for you baby to be worn over the double nappy system if you’d like
  • We would recommend your baby wears a baby wetsuit if they are under 6 months. If your baby is older than 6 months but likes to be toasty they may enjoy wearing one too.
  • Swimming costume / shorts for yourself
  • Towels for you both
  • Soft changing mat
  • A padlock to use with the lockers in the changing rooms. 

How much are the BabyStars lessons?


£49 Direct Debit per month which includes:

  • Initial welcome pack
  • All BabyStars progress awards and Becky value awards
  • Online access to a personalised BabyStars tracker, to view progress and manage lesson transfers when moving up a group.

Do I get discounts for multiple bookings?


No. Unfortunately we currently don’t offer any discounts for multiple children.

How do I book on?


You can select a free taster session on our website for your baby/toddler or book direct.

After the taster sessions you will then have the option to book online and browse available classes. You can then secure your place on our BabyStars programme and follow our simple process to select your class and set up your Direct Debit.

If you would prefer to speak to one of our team about the programme before booking, please get in touch with us by phone or email.

When shall I feed my baby?


Ideally, we would say to feed your baby 1 hour before your lesson but if they are super hungry then it is ok to have milk within this time. We would always recommend eating any solid food at least 1 hour before swimming.

Can my baby swim if they are unwell?


If your baby has a cold or is just a little under the weather they are fine to attend lessons. If they have a temperature or any signs of any other significant illnesses like ear infections or anything contagious like chicken pox, you must stay at home please.

If you or your baby has any vomiting or diarrhoea we advise you do not swim for at least 48 hours following your last symptom. If you have any queries about illnesses and whether you should attend or not please feel free to give us a call or email us on

What happens if my child or family member is showing symptoms of Covid-19?


If you, your swimmer, any member of your household or contact bubble displays any symptoms, then we ask you to follow the government recommendations which can be read here:

What can I expect from my first lesson?


We will give you lots of support and guidance, starting with the basics - helping you get into and out of a pool safely with your baby. We will help you to feel confident by showing you lots of different ways to hold and support your baby in the water.

Many of our activities are done as a group so you can watch what other swim buddies are doing and learn from each other.

What will the lesson include?


Our fun lessons will be taught by expertly trained teachers who will deliver a programme appropriate for each development stage. We will encourage splashing, reaching, grasping, exploring, blowing bubbles, kicking, twisting and balancing.

These skills will be creatively linked to popular children’s stories where your babies and toddlers will be going on treasure hunts, completing rocket blasts, collecting moon rocks, fixing things and a whole host of other fun activities.

Who is a swim buddy?


A swim buddy is the person taking the baby/toddler swimming, they will be in the water during lessons. Sometimes it’s mummy or daddy, but we also know grandparents and others take babies swimming too, so it’s our name for describing exactly what we think they are - a swim buddy to the baby.

Can parent’s watch?


Currently we are operating 1 swim buddy to 1 swimmer ratio, this is to reduce footfall at the venues and to allow us follow social distancing.

Can I bring two siblings to a lesson?


In order to keep our lessons safe and effective, only one swim buddy per child is permitted in lessons. You are welcome to book two spaces and ask another swim buddy to join the class with you, or perhaps book two lessons one after the other so you can take one child per lesson and have a helper on hand to change and look after them out of the water.

How many babies will be in the class?


Our classes have up to 10 babies/toddlers plus one swim! buddy per baby/toddler in the water. This gives lots of opportunities for babies and toddlers to interact with one another and for our BabyStars teacher to spend time helping and supporting you when needed.

How do I find out how my baby is doing in their class?


You can view their progress on your BabyStars tracker, accessed through your online account, which will give you a personalised break down of how your baby/toddler is progressing.

Will my child get a badge or award?


Yes. When a baby and buddy achieve all the skills required within their BabyStars group, they will receive a special certificate and badge in the post. We also provide Becky value awards, when they achieve something in class.

Will equipment be cleaned and safe?


Yes, we will be following Governing Body guidelines. All pool equipment will be sanitised before each lesson starts.

Can we use the changing facilities?


Changing room facilities will be open for use, showers and toilets are available for use. Please arrive in time to get you and your little one ready to swim. If swim buddies can come swim ready (swimsuits under clothing) that would be great! We ask that you make your way on to poolside 5 mins before your lesson start time.

Please be mindful of social distancing at all times within the venue and use the hand sanitising stations available at the venue.

Is there parking at the venues?


Yes there is parking but please check the venue’s policy for their parking policies. It is likely you need to check your car registration in on arrival.

Can we take photographs during the lesson?


No, in respect of other babies and swim buddies and for child protection reasons there are no photos to be taken whilst lessons are taking place.