School Swimming

Fresh off the back of Olympic medal success in London 2012, Becky Adlington teamed up with fellow Olympian and Chair of the Government-commissioned School Swim Group, Steve Parry to continue her legacy with her own Learn to Swim programme. Throughout her career, Becky has always been passionate about swimming and the benefits it offers to young people. This passion has remained her focus upon retirement and today, Becky Adlington’s SwimStars teaches over 9,500 children to swim every week and has had over 15,000 children through their School Swimming programme, supporting National Curriculum swimming requirements

Our instructors are specially trained to teach ‘The Becky Way’, delivering fun lessons tailored to our swimmers’ needs. Although our aim is for children to leave primary school able to swim at least 25m, we also recognise the importance of rewarding children along their swimming journey.

As we take them along our SwimStars Pathway, children will receive certificates based on a range of important life skills such as showing Kindness, Respect, Friendship and Determination. 

Have a quick read through Our Strategy below to find out how our programme performed last year: