School Swimming



As well as our highly successful ‘Learn to Swim’ programme, we are keen to support national curriculum swimming requirements.  Using our unique framework of teaching swimming, delivered by an excellent team of specially trained swimming instructors, we provide a great opportunity for teachers and children to celebrate their swimming journey in outstanding facilities. Our high quality school lessons are designed to show that learning to swim should be a fun and rewarding experience.

Of course, teaching a child to swim is the main objective, but our school lessons also reward important values and behaviours as children progress. As they move along the pathway based on the ASA’s official  ‘Learn to Swim Framework’, the children also receive certificates based on a range of important life skills such as showing Kindness, Respect, Courage and Determination.

Becky’s Schools Programme has been formulated with the advice and feedback from teachers in terms of what schools require.

  • We are flexible in timings, facilities and courses to suit your school’s needs.
  • 2/3 Highly trained SwimStars teachers lead the sessions, with the option for school staff to assist.
  • Low pupil-teacher ratios allow more attention and faster progression for children.
  • We hold the lessons in fantastic  swimming facilities at Total Fitness Health Clubs, encouraging attendance.
  • Availability of teaching pool and/or a 25 metre pool, depending on the requirements.
  • Support from the regional swimming co-ordinators assigned to each school.
  • Swim Gala arranged and organised by us for participating schools (minimum 5 schools)
  • SwimStars rewards scheme for all children


Becky Adlington’s SwimStars will teach every child to swim!

It’s a bold statement, but we are committed to making this a reality. If, following a block booking, any child is unable to swim we will provide top-up classes FREE OF CHARGE.

And we don’t give up on anyone. If there is STILL a requirement, the pupil will be welcomed onto one of our SwimStars lesson programmes - again free of charge. (T&C’s apply)




The feedback  we receive from teachers and pupils inspires us to keep inspiring them

Thank you for being my swimming teacher. It has been an honour to swim for you”

“The level of swimming coaching has been excellent, in particular  with the non swimmers who all  loved being in the water - and wanted more. “
Steve Shaw, Deputy Headteacher, Lacey Green Primary School.

“I am writing to thank you, the best ever swimming instructors in the universe”

“Our children had the best quality programme from BASS, exceeding expectations. Caring and passionate coaches, great administration  and great value for money. 4 out of 5 of our participants can now swim 25 metres unaided, and every one who took part is vastly more confident and competent.”
Kev Byrne, School Sport and Health Development Leader, Bebington High Sports College

“I am so excited that you got to teach me the front crawl. MISSION COMPLETED !”

“The children came back to school buzzing with excitement and joy. One of our pupil’s dreams came true today - she has held Rebecca Adlington in her sights as her greatest role model. It’s brilliant to see our girls having amazing female sporting role models.”

Miss Browning, Teacher, Church of England Primary School.

“Thank you for being 4C’s fantabulous swimming instructors. You have made a big difference.”


For further information and a personal discussion on how we can  work  with your school, please contact Business Development Manager Chris Pearce on 0161-694-7929 or :